Two Slaves, One Master

Coming for yet another BDSM experience, these submissive sluts get tied up and whipped until their pale asses turn completely red, moaning hard as their Master spanks and scratches their bodies to the point they can’t separate pleasure from pain . Their cunts get tied up in rope,  both wrapped so close to one another that the whip can punish both of them at the same time. Their cries of pleasure will soon be silenced by two gag balls and Master will present with two identical vibrators who will go so far into their filthy cunts that they’ll start trembling, legs shaking from all the pleasure. Unable to stand anymore, the whores get on their knees and start sucking cock in a desperate attempt to please Master. The double blowjob they perform will ensure they take turns in getting properly fucked from behind – SubspaceLand knows the two sluts loved sharing Master’s cock afterwards, tasting each other’s cunts!


cocksucking slaves whipped red ass

pussy bondage whipped vibrating cunts

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