Magical Forest Of Pain Part 2

No lesson left unfinished here on, the second lesson of Candee Licious’s BDSM lesson is at hand. Wearing her slave sleeve her hands with her hands behind her back and tied to a tree she lays face down waiting for her Master’s attention. Her whipping session has two whips that cause different types of pain but get the same result on her worthless skin. After the whipping session she is given time to take in the pain while she sucks and gets fucked. More bondage for slave, her legs are tied and now has her whole body suspended with no way of struggling after each whip. The whipping lesson has finished, now comes the pussy fucking of the tied up slave until it is time to cum. She sucks and swallows like a good little slave and gets a pat on her head.

punishment lashed slave Surprise deepthroat

hard spanks suspended bdsm obedient blowjob

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