Cocksucking Brunette

Sinful Emily Brix stepped into SubspaceLand without knowing her hard limit – Master tried to find that out as he gave the slut her first taste of BDSM, which she gladly – although not really able to refuse it – received. With her hands tied to a timber, the brunette bitch gets whipped until her ass turns completely red and the scratches her master leaves on her body turn into red marks as well. Pussy all roped up, Brix’s feet get tormented as Dom scratches her soles with a pen.Experiencing wax play for the first time has our brunette slave moaning softly and her moans get louder after Master brushes the hot wax that dripped down towards her young cunt. Getting fucked from behind makes the slut realize just how badly her ass hurts from all the spanking, but she won’t mind as she gets to suck on Master’s cock in the end.


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