Blonde In Tears

Roxy Risingstar has the guts of coming back to SubspaceLand for more extreme BDSM punishment. These bitches never get enough pain, so the blonde put on her red lingerie and got tied once more. The Master scratches her pussy and makes her ass match her lingerie, slapping her hard. Her tits get bitten also. Suspended in rope bondage, the blonde slut has no option but to take in all the pain. No screams can help her escape the treatment. She won’t be able to sit for a while, as her ass gets also whipped. In tears, she gets another session of spanking, She gets suspended again in a different, yet more complicated rope bondage, with her useless tits tied too, and she can’t stop crying. The Master pulls her nipples as she screams in pain. All this servers her right for having the nerve of coming in the attic again. Maybe this time the bitch learned her lesson.

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