Silence of the Slave

Some slaves think they can take BDSM, is here to prove them wrong. Alexi Star doesn’t want to show her pain, she just squirms at the every spank, at the every whip on her body. She needs scratching on her tender slutty body, pain is too good for her. But she can’t take it for long, her dominance is still on the way, suspending her, making her feel more useless and helpless. She is moved to a special chair, where we play with her slutty hole, lubed up and fingers in. The vibrator is on her and she starts to moan until she orgasms. A few slaps to calm her down and it is time for her to show if her domination has been achieved. She sucks cock to show gratitude but a nasty surprise is coming for her, she will feel the cock deep in her throat making her choke and struggle to gasp for air. She gets her precious breath of air but she now knows who is the MASTER.

pussy fingering hands behind back bondage whipping her white ass

throne of torture bdsm blowjob immobilized slave

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