Low tolerance for pain

A slave with low tolerance for pain tries her first BDSM lesson on Subspaceland.com . Ivi Rein waits naked and tied for the lesson to begin, hands bonded above her head, she gets pussy teased and spanked. After tying one of her legs and suspending it, slut gets observed how she struggles to keep her balance, grabbing the other leg her ass gets slapped and bitten in the air. Whip comes into play, ass tits and pussy get abused, fingered and slapped to keep her on the edge. Back to suspension with this slut, hanging like a hammock she struggles and gets spanked some more. Immobilized to a bench she receives the last pussy punishment, now comes forced orgasm, Vibrator glued to her clitoris and fingered she screams and moans, she gets a kiss goodbye and left like that for the night.

submission bonded slave teasing her pussy

whipping the whore confronting slave immobilized slut

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