Silent Sub

Shy little slut that she is, this Blonde couldn’t wait to be invited for a taste of BDSM – when we got her all tied up, the pleasure of being whipped left her speechless – a single sound didn’t leave her mouth as her ass was whipped and reddened. The only moments her silence was interrupted came as soon as she got her master’s cock between her filthy lips. Little do you know, the whore loves sucking on cock, especially if it’s the kind of cock that knows how to put her back in her place. She covers dick in spit in less than a heartbeat and loves being mouthfucked as a  punishment. Such a cocksucking sub can’t be left unfucked and, with her tits and arms tied up, the slut gets fucked from behind until the only power she’s got left inside gets used for the final sip of her taste of BDSM – a mouthful of cum that she swallows like the obedient whore she is for SUBSPACELAND.

cocksucking whore teasedsilent slut

whipped mouthfucked fucked from behind

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