The slave that came back

Teressa came back for more BDSM here on . She liked the fresh air the last time so this session of domination begins outdoor with her well tied to the trees. Her screaming echoes the forest right after the whipping sound. Enough daylight for the slave, she gets blindfolded and taken indoor for more acoustic screams. The red color that suits a slave after whipping a slave is not there yet and we can’t ignore that. Tying her up with rope to let her dangle immobilized will make her feel more useless and belittled. The feeling of warmth from slapping her ass is something to look forward to. Slave takes a break at the end, or so she thinks, after hot wax is applied to change her skin color. Fingering her pussy and playing with a vibrator on her clitoris makes her half scream half moan.

Outdoor whipping Outdoor slapping tied up dangling

stretching suspension wax dripping on red skin BDSM orgasm

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