Torture of the Sparrow

Sasha Sparrow steps in Master’s dungeon in the new SubspaceLand for an extreme BDSM session. Her fishnet tights get ripped off and Master starts pulling her pussy hairHer hands are tied, so there’s nothing the bitch can do to escape the punishment, she moans as she feels the scratches all over her slut body. The bitch has been naughty, so she deserves some good spanking. Her ass gets redder and she screams louder. The merciless whip, Master’s best friend, meets her young meat.  SubspaceLand’s Master puts a gag in her mouth, so no one can hear her scream. There’s not enough punishment in the world for being such a slut, so Sasha gets tied by the table and her pussy whipped. The situation is getting hotter while she gets poured on some hot wax. She gets to suck Master’s dick for being such an obedient BDSM sex slave.

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