Sisters of agony

They are not really sisters, but the pain they will share can mark their memories as tied up siblings hurting together. Subspaceland presents Candy Red and Sasha Sparrow, the sluts that will learn the same BDSM lessons. Slaves seem to like their cunts being rubbed, moaning for more they get spanked to stop. A rope intertwines their pain from one cunt to another, one afther the other, hearing each whip and feeling the struggle of the other slave tight in their crotch. Now tamed, slaves are trusted with sucking the Masters cock, bonded to the table each slave gets it deep in the throat while the other licks the immobilized sluts cunt. Their BDSM lesson ends with vibrators pushed hard on their unworthy pussies, screaming and struggling like being possessed.

Bonded slaves Gravity is pain Whipping sluts

Hot was on pussy Deepthroat for slave Stereo moans

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