Unsuspecting Bunny

A slave that calls herself bunny, you could say she looks innocent but here on Subspaceland she is about to be stained. Her ugly corset is taken off, all the scratching shall be on her bear skin and so is the case for swift slaps on her ass. One leg is suspended and one is left down for a poor sense of stability, as her first BDSM lesson is that master is in control of all that happens to her. BDSM lesson two is don’t move, she can try but ropes are very tight on her body, gagged, all she can do is try to scream. Now testing her obedience, slave is taken around the lair on all four with a thick rope around her neck. She passed the test and a reward cums her way, slave must suck until master finishes deep in her throat.

leg suspension nude slave Fingering slave

Suspended Slave Whipping slave Obedience on all four


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