Regrets of a slave

Slave training never stops at with new squeamish Renata Fox. Testing her tolerance for BDSM with scratching her skin. At first she doesn’t seem that bothered by the scratches, but the pain comes after the skin turns red. Tying her hands behind her back and her legs to stop her from moving so much, she must feel the pain without the comfort of retreat. Getting her completely naked and suspended from her arms will allow better whips on her back. Tears have been shed, moving her to the bed where she is tied up and her pussy will get wet from the vibrator and fingering. Screams have turned into moans…Now a BDSM blowjob with a forced deep throat.

Feeling the slave like the piece of meat she is Bondage spanking Suspension from her hands tied behind her back

Reverse suspension submission Forced orgasm with vibrator Blowjob with forced deep throat

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