Late Night Screams

Outdoor BDSM in the forest with fresh slave Gina Ferocious, newest addition. With dusk long past, the night bdsm lessons begin, tied from two trees slave’s tolerance is measured with slaps and pinches to the tits. The cold dark woods cool her skin, she only feels warmth from the rubbing of her clit followed by stinging caused by the constant whipping. Taken down, and brought to her knees she sucks cock with her hands tied. After she got it hard and wet she gets the dick slipped in her pussy and fucked and slapped on her tits. She has yet to feel proper immobilization which is the next step, fully suspending her she gets some more penetration. Next her feet are tied with rope holding her legs spread as the vibrator makes her tremble and moan. She is untied and let loose to suck the cock in her own phase, as she is now obedient. As the lesson ends she gets the final mark from her master, a cock in the back of her mouth with cum left to drip down her throat.

Bondage outdoor scratching the slave outdoor whipping

whipping tits outdoor vibrator slave gets deepthroat

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