Keeping it all in

BDSMBDSMAnother good day for BDSM in the forest, Tyna Gold is the new subject on Subspaceland to be turned into a slave. Only her hands tied up, it is easy to undress her and feel every inch of her body, scratching the most sensitive areas. Not a peep from our slave, even after a few good spanks,  she must feel the whip. Not giving any sign of submission she will get whipped harder and harder. With one leg on the ground and the other hanging in the most uncomfortable position possible she gets a few more whips directly on her pussy. BDSM slaves can also be good decorations for the trees, bonded on the trunk and vibrator set to full, her cunt gets to shine. Now broken, slave can now be trusted with a blowjob but still handled with a tight grip on her hair and forced deep as she can take it.

Blonde spanked Hard whipping Outdoor spanking

Immobilized to a tree Slave spanked Tied up on the forest floor

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