Fort of agony

Candee Licious has come back to Subspaceland for an advanced BDSM lesson. A literal warm welcome is given to her with a big flaming stick burning her pubes and pussy. Her old friend whip gets to feel her again, especially on her ass and tits. A long and thicker whip change the tone of her screams, they seem to linger as every lash leaves a mark wherever it hits. She gets a rough rope tied against her pussy while leaning forward on a chair but not tied to it, her obedience is tested as hot wax gets dripped on her back. A subtle change, moans as her clitoris is stimulated by the vibrator, but it was a trick. She starts to cry when the whip hits harder and harder. BDSM lesson comes to an end, she is bent and fucked, sucks the cock and swallows the cum like an obedient slave.

Spanked slave Whipped slave Slave holds the toy

Bonded slave Lashing the slave Slave fucked

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