Forest of torture

Subspacelands great forest has a new victim in its grasp! Slave is still where she was left, with her clothes nailed to a tree and hands tied behind her back. After ripping her clothes off a few spanks will be her initiation for bdsm, whips will follow soon after. Bonding her hands from a branch at the top keeps her arms out of the way and the legs tied to the trunks will assure a good immobilization and hard lashes. She is now down for the count but not out of the game, sitting on the forest floor tied up like a worm she gets dirt all over her bruised body. The last raze from the sun is the only warmth she will feel on her naked body apart from the fingering and vibrator on her pussy. After moaning a bit it is time for her submission to be put to the test, down on her knees she stats sucking, making the cock wet and hard. Slow and sloppy, guidance is given from puling her hair back and forth until sperm drips in her mouth.

clothes ripped Blonde slave spanking outdoor bdsm

bonded slave Outdoor whipping public cock suck

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