Castle Torture part 2

Castle torture continues with part 2 of BDSM series featuring Anya Krey and Noa Livia. One room is quiet in particular, Anya waits suspended for her submission. It sounds like heavy clapping but it is just hard spanking of her ass that echoes in the one quiet room. Her screams turn to moans when she gets her pussy fingered and then turned with her pale backside to get whipped towards a strong pink color. She hasn’t felt real pain yet, a bigger and thicker whip gets the right bruises on her slave ass. There is another slave to dominate, we leave Anya hanging and move on to Noa who has been sitting tightly tied up to a chair naked. Slaves really need to get a color on that lousy skin, serious scratches on her belly and chest keeps her in line. Both slaves are then taken to another cold dark room where they sit tied up on the same table to hear each other’s agonizing pain. A good Master will try to comfort his slaves, hot wax dripping from candles should warm them up.

Slave bondage Suspended tit grab well spanked ass

screaming slave bondage on table wax on immobilized slaves

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