Breaking a slaves will

Subspaceland tames Lana Roy in the latest movie, young slave is yet to be disciplined. With her hands tied above her head, the top is ripped off to expose and feel her small breasts. After a firm grip on her neck to assert dominance nails go from top to bottom scratching her skin and stopping on her pussy for a quick rub. Moving to the next step on her submission, slave is spanked and whipped until her skin turns red. On to a more uncomfortable position, tied to a pole sideways she gets more whips and a finger deep in her pink. BDSM lesson is ended with slaves hands and legs individually wrapped in plastic, her pussy gets blasted with the vibrator on full making slave spasm to orgasm and her moans echoing loudly!

Spanking slave Whipped slave Tied up brunette slave

Tied to a pole Immobilized slave Vibrator on slave pussy

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