Attic of torture

No neighbors around so Jenny Manson can scream all she wants. Tied up in the attic like an obedient slave will not get her any mercy. Subspaceland is not about mercy but about BDSM,  her lesson will be long, hard and to be remembered. After taking her panties off and sticking them in her mouth, she gets fingered and scratched on her inner ties. This was just a small step, she is turned around and whipped hard on her bear bottom. Changing her ropes to a more tight fit, one leg up so she has no balance, whip hits right on her labia. With the ropes out of the way she meets the two finger on one hand and vibrator from the other. She takes deep breaths and squirms and twitches…all done with the moaning time to suck some cock with the regular dive down her throat.

 Bonded blonde slave Whipped and hari pulled immobilized slave
Tied up skinny slave Rubbing slave pussy Two fingers and vibrator

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