Whips and creeps

Curvy slave bitch Katie needs a BDSM correction lesson as she has been naughty and disobedient. First she must learn a big, opened mouth will only get her more punishes and torment. Blind folder with her own t-shirt, she will have to forcibly swallow the water is poured in. The nasty cunt is then immobilized with handcuffs and chains in doggy style position while master whips and spanks her fat ass until turns red. The fetish game continues with a drilling session where her pussy is stimulated hard until the slave screams of pain and pleasure. At this point she understands what submission and obedience means and she kind of like it. So when she performs blowjob she eats the cock and lustfully suck it back and forts until the juice burst in her slutty mouth to swallow cum. Check the full video on Subspaceland.com!

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