Home Corporal Punishment

Latest BDSM session presents the highest level of punishment for a disobedient slave. Immobilized in bed with rope bondage and tormented with toy stimulation while Master is sleeping next to her, the submissive is going through her worst moments as she imagines her master dreaming about more ways to make her suffer. Her pain is his pleasure, so when the dominator wakes up and starts another punishment session, hard slapping, making that slutty ass and pussy fire red, not able to scream as mouth is gagged the slave can only endure her treatment. Left alone, she hopes her torment was over, but Master has big plans for her. Cold showers, crawling when sucking master`s dick, hot wax all over her body and more hard slapping is the right correction for this slutty slave, who takes is all like a pro.No complains as her dominator turned her into the best submissive, so now she gets a prize as well: the so craved master`s dick fucking her deep and his cum all over her face. The slave did well!

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